What Is Line In The Sand?

What Is Line In The Sand?

Line In The Sand is a collaborative multimedia project which aims to share the opinions and personal stories of Canadians directly impacted by the Northern Gateway pipeline. Begun in the summer of 2012, we have travelled from Bruderheim, Alberta, to Kitimat, British Columbia, collecting testimonies from countless Canadians whose land, livelihoods, and cultures could be profoundly impacted by approval and construction of the Northern Gateway. Line In The Sand is currently producing a feature-length documentary as well as a companion coffee-table book, which will serve as a critically-minded travelogue from our time on the road.

Who We Are

As a collaborative, multidisciplinary project, our backgrounds range from web development to ethnographic film. The following is a list of those currently involved with the project.

Tomas Borsa: A co-founder of Line In The Sand, Tomas is a freelance journalist, writer, and perpetual troublemaker. He has written for the Canadian University Press, Global Politics magazine, and many other publications, and is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan.

Jean-Philippe Marquis: A film-maker from Montreal, Quebec, Jean-Philippe is a downright gritty fella. Jean-Philippe has formerly published in Vice, and holds degrees in journalism, from Concordia University, and anthropology, from l’Université de Montréal with a specialization in ethnographic film.

Bruno De Bondt: A web developer with a deep passion for independent media, Bruno is co-author of two books on media-activism and open source software, and was the technical lead for a major participatory news site in Belgium before moving to Canada. Bruno holds a degree in journalism from the Journalism School of Utrecht (The Netherlands).

Skyler Flavelle: A co-founder of Line In The Sand, Skyler is a film-maker, adventurer, and student at Capilano University. He has previously worked for NBC on the set of Expedition Impossible, and has spent months exploring and filming solo ascents (and descents) in the French Alps.

Tristan Becker: A co-founder of Line In The Sand, Tristan is a professional photographer, world-traveler, and nursing student at the University of British Columbia. Tristan’s travels have taken him across Canada, as well as China, India, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Turkey, and parts of Europe, all with his trusty camera in hand. He also holds a Political Studies degree from the University of Saskatchewan.

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